Sunday, April 03, 2016

Quest 1.3 - Too many words

Learner + Superhero
  • Someone who works hard for what they believe and want to know for future reference, to get a better understanding of the world and a subject. They get better at what they learn and their learning gets better along the way.
Digitally literate person
  • Someone who understands the many uses of technology and all the possibilities that go along with it, as well as how to use technology to follow those possibilities.
Passionate person
  • Someone who loves what they do, and has a reason to do it that's good enough for them that no one else has to understand it.
    Someone who changes the world
    • Someone who believes in change and puts an effort into the world to find an innovation or discovery that's important to the human race and our surroundings.
    How do you learn best?
    • I learn best in different ways with different things. With written work, I'm better alone. With physical design, I'm great alone, but I feel empowered when with a group in this scenario.
    What is your learning style?
    • My learning style is ubiquitous. I multitask when not multitasking. I work on projects, and I complete them but I also set up other things at the same time. I might listen to music, draw, get distracted, but I don't get off task if that makes sense.
    What kind of learning or teaching does not work for you?
    • Lectures, as that comes with distractions. Alone, this can mean others talking. In a group, it means surroundings that can strike a conversation that becomes off topic during work time with my group members. Lectures are boring and slow with learning, and when you need to take notes, becomes too fast. It's uneven. It doesn't work.
    How do you learn when the circumstances do not match your learning style?
    • I do my best to pay attention to important details and take note on specific points. Of my learning senses, auditory is the worst. That's why in lecture-based learning I have trouble. It causes me to tune out when I don't mean to. I try to stay attentive.
    Who and what helps you learn?
    • Visual and physical perspectives of the lesson are much easier for me to comprehend, so I prefer to take opportunities to make the experience easier for myself. This can mean drawing a version of the lesson, or I can hear someone else's take on the points of the lesson (That's not always a good idea though, not everyone cares about the lessons.).
    What would you tell your younger self to help them learn better?
    • "Calm down. Talk to someone about your life. Pay attention to everything anyone says to you, but don't accept insults."
    What do you hope you’ll be able to learn in the future?
    • Lesson-wise or trait-wise? Lesson-wise I obviously want to enter the Computer Science industry and take courses on hardware and software development and manufacturing. Trait-wise, I want to pay more attention to time and take advantage of it. Spend more time with friends, do exercise, finish work, start work!
    What tools do you need to learn?
    • A computer, a pencil or pen, paper, a goal and time.
    What skills or experience do you need to develop to make yourself a better learner?
    • Attention span.
    How do you demonstrate digital literacy?
    • Take the opportunity to help others when they need it to complete a web-based assignment. (1. This helps them finish their important work, 2. it helps you strengthen your understanding, 3. and it builds you a reputation. ;P)
    How do you demonstrate passion?
    • Finish assignments on time, put hard effort into it, and smile. As soon as you do what others want, others will do what you want. Follow your dreams. Do what you love, love what you do.
    What are you passionate about?
    • Everything within reason. I honestly will do any job asked of me for a period of time, as long at 1 of 3 things is attributed: 1. I have a personal connection to the requester (friend, family, etc.), 2. I have a reward at stake, 3. The favour is in return for something previously done for me. To be honest, I love doing work. Any kind of work. I feel bored and useless when I have nothing to do, and from delivering newspapers to temporarily managing something, I will do it, and have a positive attitude.
    How often do you get to learn about the things you are passionate about?
    • Since my passion is practically everything, I get to have experiences and learn new things about everything everyday. To learn a new language, it takes repetition. That goes for anything else. To understand something, you need to experience it and get a feeling for it. I am lucky to be able to have access to many things, so I get to learn many things.
    If you could build a classroom or school that works perfectly for you, what would it look like?
      • Plan: Teachers that acknowledge issues and solve them accordingly and happily, PROPER, IMPORTANT SUBJECTS (I'm looking at you, OCDSB and who-knows-how-many-other school boards) like Design and Tech. They only removed it from the grades under high school, but it is so great, because understanding the use of those tools is important before you use them for a couple years in high school (which may only be 1, depending on your preferences) or Home Ec. They don't even have that anymore. Doesn't anyone realise how important it is to be able to LIVE? Make food, clean, dang, sounds like chores. Oh wait, they are chores, because you have to do them, so why shouldn't you learn how to do it properly!?! I would include a course on taxes and money management, because god knows how many people would have done better with knowledge on that. Stretch Plan: In addition to what I said before, an in-school swimming pool with a swimming course. A gym with actual equipment (for specific grades) and a court for "gym" activities. Yes, that includes a course.


      1. Hi Camden,

        As always, lots of great information and care in your answers. My learning style is very similar to yours! I always have a lot of things going on at once.

        How do you stay focused while listening to lectures? Are there any strategies you use to keep yourself on track? I like to make notes or sketchnotes. I often share my learning in the form of tweets, especially if what I am attending has a hashtag.

        I also hope that we can provide more relevant, important subjects for students.

        I wonder if it would be easier for readers if you moved the questions to the top of each answer (so that we can read the question and answer at once instead of scrolling up and down?). Perhaps write the questions in bold and the answers in regular font. Also, do you remember how to add tags/labels to your post? It would be good to have those at the bottom of each post to help organize them.

        Great work, Camden!


      2. Hi Camden! I am enjoying reading your blog and I was wondering, what makes you want to enter the computer science industry? Your blog is looking great and I can't wait to read more!

      3. I totally agree with tech in schools, use of technology is very important. I love your ideas! Keep working on them and they will probably happen:)


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