Monday, May 09, 2016

Quest 2.6 - My Passions, Curiosities And How They Guide Me To My "Epic Win"

As Shauna described, my "Epic Win" is what I do to solve a real world problem.
So, to figure out what problem I'll attempt to solve, I will consult my passions.

I've probably posted about this before, but I like technology. A lot. My studies are in technology, and the further I go through school, the further I approach tech. It allows me to pursue computer science, and follow along with my beloved Maths, Sciences, and Languages. (Haha, got you there, the languages I mean are programming languages, and most programming is in English.)
I also like art. Different types of art. Fine, visual and applied.

Problems in the world involving tech (or art):
-All languages are designed for different purposes, but some aren't easy to learn for some
-Tech is an English industry, or pretty close to it
-Tech is expensive
-New companies primarily focus on income and competition, rather than innovation, purpose, and customer value.
-Art and Tech both have a strong stereotype behind them
-The process to reach success in art or tech seems long and hard, throwing many off

Plans for solution:

-Redesign the heavily controlled industry
-Break a stereotype
-Allow cheap distribution (Sourcing for this may prove difficult)

Quest 2.5 - Enroll at EPSOT Today!

May 08, 2016

Dear Ally or Acquaintance,

My name is Camden Richter, though many around here call me Magno, and my purpose is to support others. I do it for the feeling of society and personality, as well as the joy of making someone else happy. Whether that support is helping them with work, or taking care of something while they're busy, it creates a pocket of time for those people to feel collected, and successfully accomplish the task at hand. Enough about me, at this point in time I plan on making this note sound as “Cheesy Organization Campaign Flyer” as possible.

I am honored to select you as a candidate for an “Ally” position in the currently Beta-staged EPSOT Program. EPSOT is the Experimental Prototype School Of Tomorrow, a small group of learning activists, hoping to change the world in 24 hours.

I have chosen you because I believe you are a good fit into our group. As an Ally, you can choose to contribute your own updates into the roster, or simply support our current members. Support does not involve money, and never will, though you can donate to our PayPal if you feel so inclined. (Just kidding) Support only means that you provide encouragement, easily by comment on our blogs, or constructive criticism to build our progress in learning.

I hope for you to share your ideas and support as the group and I do, and enjoy your time with us.


Member of EPSOT
Base64: aHR0cDovL3BuZ2ltZy5jb20vdXBsb2FkL21hbmdvX1BORzkxNjgucG5n