Sunday, April 03, 2016

Quest 1.1 - My personal views on teachers and learning experiences

What do you need from a teacher?
  • Proper education, taught understandably

What do you want from a teacher?

  • Respect, and to act in a good mood even when they might not be (a trait I learned [and had to learn] from working at Dovercourt)

What do you need a teacher to know about you and the way you learn?

  • That I know what I’m doing, I just might need time to put it together, and I can get distracted easily, which is difficult, since I work better in groups

Shauna has offered to be an ally, collaborative curator, lead learner and guide - are there other things you need her to be?

  • Nothing much more, as an ally can count as a friend, and going back to what I said earlier, allies and guides have respect

What are things you have loved about past teachers?

  • Understanding, as a teacher uses their knowledge of the student to understand better the concept the student used when producing the work, and I believe that knowing me, the reason I did as well as I did, is because I learned to put effort into my work, which may seem different than my actions

    What are things you wish you could change about past teachers?
    • The way they handled difficult students, some shouted (useless), some moved them to other spots (also somewhat useless, they bother other students) or stop the class to either send them to the office, speak to them, etc. I would have rather they focused more on either separating the OTHER students from difficult ones, so the difficult students wouldn’t bother them anymore, or find a way to speak to the difficult student without disturbing the learning of everyone else

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