Monday, May 09, 2016

Quest 2.6 - My Passions, Curiosities And How They Guide Me To My "Epic Win"

As Shauna described, my "Epic Win" is what I do to solve a real world problem.
So, to figure out what problem I'll attempt to solve, I will consult my passions.

I've probably posted about this before, but I like technology. A lot. My studies are in technology, and the further I go through school, the further I approach tech. It allows me to pursue computer science, and follow along with my beloved Maths, Sciences, and Languages. (Haha, got you there, the languages I mean are programming languages, and most programming is in English.)
I also like art. Different types of art. Fine, visual and applied.

Problems in the world involving tech (or art):
-All languages are designed for different purposes, but some aren't easy to learn for some
-Tech is an English industry, or pretty close to it
-Tech is expensive
-New companies primarily focus on income and competition, rather than innovation, purpose, and customer value.
-Art and Tech both have a strong stereotype behind them
-The process to reach success in art or tech seems long and hard, throwing many off

Plans for solution:

-Redesign the heavily controlled industry
-Break a stereotype
-Allow cheap distribution (Sourcing for this may prove difficult)


  1. How you might you break the sterotype of which you are aware? Wondering how you might create a piece of art through technology and then distribute it on the cheap, thus addressing several of the problems you identify?

    Dan Ryder
    Engish teacher
    Mt. Blue Campus
    Farmington, ME

    1. I originally hadn't thought about combining the art and tech points, though that could work. I was thinking about a possibility where me and maybe a friend of mine could enact the time-strenuous act of creating a new language, then Operating System with binary, focusing on simplicity with security. I thought about using a Linux kernel (FYI kernels are the base of an OS, practically a command-line that you have to build a GUI off of) but a Linux kernel only let's me use the limits of Linux, which are hardly any since it's open-source, but I would prefer to start from scratch so I could make the OS structure perfect for my needs. I understand that most people have Windows or Mac computers, and iPhone or Android smartphones. Meaning, most people are used to a closed-source, user-friendly environment. That's what I would have to keep in mind while developing the System. On the other hand, I would create a basic computing system to run the OS... Problems with that though range from size to cost to setup complexity.

      TD;DR: I would create an OS from scratch to go along with a custom PC build.

      Point is, to solve the stereotypes of who a programmer is and what they can do, I would create a language to give accessibility to a personal line of tech products. This language would be easy to learn, but have wide possibilities in use, since it would all be compatible with my line of products, meaning anyone aspiring to be a developer can use it to practice, and develop, without much previous knowledge, but also allow current developer to easily access all the tools they need.

      The cost would just come down to material use. Most technology is extremely expensive, hundreds of dollars, but a lot of the cost is because of materials and branding. What this means for my solution is I will have to source basic tech to be able to formulate a product of small size (This makes it easy for more people to have, some people don't have a lot of room) and big capability. [Small, mobile like computer + targeted programming on system = cheap, effective computer]

      Think Raspberry Pi. I have one. It's small, and it can do lots, with a price tag of $50 - 100. If that can run basic operating systems, I can figure out how to make a similar design to fit a more streamlined OS.

      I kind of ranted off there, but I hope you see my plan.

  2. Such an interesting read, thanks for sharing your goal for an epic win in the world of art & tech (which is an important world to bring more people into, even if just for exploration!) Something that came up in a lunch time conversation today, is how inaccessible tech has become because of its constant evolvement, and how a lot of tech is actually designed not to last very long so as to keep consumers, well, consuming! What are your thoughts on this? Does this sort of issue have a place in your epic win?

    1. I see that all the time, and it makes me really annoyed, because as a consumer, I want technology that I can rely on for years. It's not always easy to replace expensive technology either. And if you ever hear a programmer or someone from a company that develops tech say "It's not part of the design, there's parts of code that make technology tire out at some point" or "The hardware won't last" or something along those lines, they've either worked with cheap faulty hardware, aren't knowledgeable in the code possibilities, added purposeful design flaws (as you've pointed out) or are lying. Basically, computers run on binary (0110 etc.) 64 bit computers (most computers are 64 bit, even new smartphones) count upwards towards a limit. This takes years. But, when it hits the limit, it does NOT just stop and break, it restarts it's cycle.

      My plans for my solution involve creating long lasting technology that you hopefully will RARELY need to replace, because it's a fact that even I get angry about.

  3. You sound so descriptive and clear. I can't believe how well you write. I am curious to hear more about how you are going to implement your goal.

  4. Camden,
    I really like how you identify the cost of tech as a real world problem and in the comments I am able to see the plan a little bit more clearly. I think you are absolutely on the right track and wish you every success!

  5. Hi Camden,
    I like how you were able to identify the problems involving the thing you love- technology. When you say that there are many stereotypes behind art and tech, what do you specifically mean by that ad what are your plans to change that?
    Great work, keep it up,


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